Outdoor Learning Program

A Children's program that combines Mindfulness, Yoga, Journaling, and Nature photography in an outdoor forest setting is an excellent way to promote children's well-being and creativity.

The program would start with mindfulness practices, such as deep breathing and Yoga movement to promote physical strength, flexibility, and stress reduction. Discovering how they feel and what movement could help them feel more grounded and confident. Our Children’s yoga is trauma-sensitive yoga, it focuses on creating a safe and supportive environment where children can feel comfortable and empowered.  The practice typically includes gentle movements, breathing exercises. These techniques are used to help children manage their stress, regulate their emotions, and develop a greater sense of self-awareness.

The instructor provides a clear and consistent structure and maintains a non-judgmental and supportive atmosphere. Children are given the choice to participate in the activities and are encouraged to work at their own pace.

Nature experience is designed to promote children's appreciation and understanding of the environment, while also fostering their physical, emotional, and intellectual development.

A Forest teacher will lead activities that include nature walks, tree identification, and wildlife observation. These activities help children develop a deeper connection with the environment and promote their awareness of the interdependence between all living things.  In addition, Forest learning also provides opportunities for children to develop their social skills and work as a team. Group activities such as cooperative games and challenges can help children learn how to communicate and collaborate effectively. Furthermore, forest learning can have a positive impact on children's mental and emotional well-being. Spending time in nature has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression and improve overall happiness. By promoting environmental awareness, physical and intellectual development, social skills, and emotional well-being, this type of learning can have a lasting impact on children and support their growth into healthy and responsible adults.

Artistic expression would also play a big role in the program. Children would have the opportunity to engage in creative activities. Nature photography would allow children to develop a deeper connection with the environment and appreciate its beauty. They would learn the basics of photography, including composition and lighting, while capturing their experiences in the forest.

Journaling would provide children with a safe and personal space to reflect on their experiences and express their thoughts and feelings. Children can also keep track of their observations and sketches from the nature photography sessions.

The forest setting at Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve provides a serene and peaceful environment that can help children disconnect from their daily lives and connect with nature This can promote children's well-being and foster a love for the environment.

This Children's Outdoor Learning program that cultivates Mindfulness, Yoga, Journaling, and Nature photography in an outdoor forest setting provides a unique and enriching experience for children. By promoting physical, emotional, and mental well-being, this program can help children develop self-awareness, practice being present with a deep appreciation for nature and the power of self-expression.