Mala bracelets storyboard


Surf’s UP for Autism (SUPA) event inspired this design and we called it Tofino mala bracelet. It was a fantastic event and even Kyle’s younger sibling wanted to volunteer at the activities in the beach! A fun weekend for Autism families, it is absolutely so inclusive and welcoming group. The CAN staff and other volunteers were amazing, the staff respected the deaf culture as Kyle was the only deaf participant in the event. Surf's UP for Autism Society is one of the non-for-profit organizations that sets the right conditions for children with Autism to thrive and creates a climate of possibilities. Many people volunteer their time and dedication to make this happen!

Deep Breathing

This Mala bracelet design was inspired by Kyle’s deep breathing technique that he learned with his Occupational Therapist, Julie Ward. Most importantly, we celebrate Kyle's successful surgery (his first surgery at the Neonatal ICU) for bilateral Choanal Atresia (as part of CHARGE syndrome, the blockage of his nasal airways by tissue membrane.) This surgery allowed him to breathe.


These mala designs are inspired by David Ballam’s work and his amazing stories. Kyle (& the family) met David at his studio in South Africa. An inspiring photographer, the way he captures Africa, the culture and people are just so stunning. “David focuses his attention on taking any opportunity to travel and explore the African landscape, finding and creating images that transcend the subject matter into Fine Art prints.” -  

Ring Nebula

Inspired by Kyle's strong interest in the Universe, he loves the colours of the Ring Nebula (as Kyle expresses in ASL, when the stars die they bring out beautiful colours in space!).
This is one of the designs from “the Mysteries of the Universe collection” by Kyle.


Inspired by the colours from Kyle's determination and love for skiing with VASS (Vancouver Adaptive Snow Sports) and his Outdoor School with Fresh Air Learning (North Vancouver). Also inspired by Kyle's interest in photography at the trails and nature. This is his home, British Columbia.
“Spend some time outdoors exploring where you live. When you love your home, you’ll fight harder to protect it.” – Kira Simpson

Solar System

Inspired by Kyle's very strong interest in Astronomy since Kindergarten as he always preferred non fiction books even at 5 years old. 
Kyle’s family supported his special interest and participated in the Stargazing nights at the Trottier Observatory in Simon Fraser University (SFU) in 2018 and joined their free telescope program. Kyle and his siblings still enjoy stargazing at home and at SFU.