Ring Nebula

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One of the designs from the Mysteries of the Universe Collection.  The ring nebula's appearance is shrugged off by a dying star. Hot blue gas near the central star gives way to a cooler green and yellow gas and at a much greater distance with the coolest deep orange/red gas along the outer boundary. As Kyle explains it in ASL, "when a star dies it shines with beautiful colours! and imagine this... the same colours as Minecraft!"

Available in 4 sizes,

Extra Small (6-6.5" inches wrist size)

Small (7" inches wrist size)

Medium (7.5-8" inches wrist size)

Large (more than 8.0"wrist size) 

To measure wrist size, measure the part of the wrist where you want the bracelet to sit, get a string or paper if you do not have a measuring tape. Measure and then use a ruler to get the size.  If you like the bracelet to be snug use the exact measurement, or if you want it a bit loose please add this and use this measurement when choosing the bracelet size.